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Price for both:   HK$1,630
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Amika’s Mini Hair Dryer is 1,000 watts and comes with two diffusers — one for smooth styles and another for curly. Far infrared technology heats hair from the inside out, reducing heat damage to the hair cuticle. Negative Ion technology seals the hair cuticle, locking in moisture for a frizz–free finish.


  • Comes with a matching bag for the mini dryer!
  • The Mini Dryer has 2 speeds – medium and high.
  • Perfect size for traveling and international adventures.
  • Two diffusers allow you to choose your hairstyle – smooth or curly.
  • salon-worthy credentials.
  • Dual Voltage 110/120V – 220/240V makes the mini dryer ready for use anywhere in the world!
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How to use:

To create extra volume, turn head upside down while drying with the finger diffuser attachment. Position the airflow toward the roots for maximum lift. When hair is done drying, toss head back and gently brush hair into place.


This item comes with 1 year warranty.

Click here for warranty T&C.

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