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Digital Titanium Styler

25mm digital titanium curler

power cloud repair & smooth dryer


Digital Titanium Styler

amika’s Titanium Styler is a powerful professional tool that harnesses the latest technology and innovative materials to deliver results. Far infrared heat makes for healthy, shiny hair. Feather light for professionals: Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio. The light-weight styler is incredibly durable and stands up to the toughest professional conditions. Silky smooth glide: Ultra smooth titanium plates allow hair to glide instantly and easily without any tugging for effortless straight, curly or wavy styling at unparalleled speed.

– Ultra smooth titanium plates to style and create straight, wavy or curly looks.
– The titanium is incredibly light and yet very strong.
– Far infrared heat preserves moisture in the hair shaft.
– Negative ions eliminating frizz.
– Easy to use – smooth styling without any tugging of your hair.
– Adjustable temperature range from 200°F and up to 450°F.
– An easy grip, 360° swivel cord and a professional hook makes use and storage simple.
– Dual Voltage 110–240 V makes the styler ready for use anywhere in the world!

For Straight Hair: Place combed section of hair in between the plates. Close the styler with a gentle grip. Slowly and carefully pull the styler away from your scalp, allowing your hair to glide through the titanium plates.
For Creating Volume: Place a small section of hair near the roots in between the plates. Close the styler with a gentle grip and pull the styler up in the opposite directions till the end of your hair.
For Curly hair: Divide your hair into different sections and place one of the sections between the plates. Gently close the styler and twist it for 90 or 180 degrees. Pull the styler away until your hair glide through the titanium plates.


25mm digital titanium curler

The Digital Titanium Curler is a powerful professional tool that harnesses the latest technology to deliver the best results. Ready for use in under a minute, this super lightweight curler will style your hair for a glamorous looking curls or looser waves. The 25mm digital titanium curler is suitable for medium to long hair – if your hair length is at your shoulder or longer – this is the curler for you!

– The large end cap remains cool to the touch for comfortable, effortless styling.
– The titanium is incredibly light and yet very strong.
– The perfect size to style medium to long hair!
– The clip will make your styling experience easier.
– Perfect for frizz-free curls with a slightly looser and more glamorous look.
– The 25mm curler is great for voluminous, glamorous curls. This is perhaps the most popular curl size for creating anything from classic or retro looks to modern styles.

On a medium to high setting, wrap the hair around the wand and clip with a pin curl clip to set. Wait 10 minutes after you finish the entire head for the curls to cool and set. Take the clips out, brush and style! This will give you the biggest, bounciest curl. for a classic beachy look, let hair air dry and curl the hair in alternating directions from the ears down.


power cloud repair & smooth dryer

amika’s Power Cloud Repair & Smooth Dryer is a new revolutionary drying system that allows you to choose between positive and negative ion technology. For enhancing texture and volume (a bombshell blowout) – choose the positive ions. For a silky-smooth, frizz-free look – choose the negative ions. The dryer has a 2000 Watt AC professional motor which is lighter, less noisy and more durable than standard DC motors. Ceramic and tourmaline infused components harness far infrared heat for minimal heat exposure resulting in healthier styling.

– The Power Cloud Repair & Smooth Dryer has 2 speeds to choose from.
– You can choose from 3 different temperature settings – including a cool blast button for final touch-ups!
– Dry your hair up to 70% faster than with a standard dryer.
– Choose between a bombshell blowout or a silky-smooth look.

Shampoo hair and apply a treatment product generously on damp hair and comb through with a wide tooth comb – both the amika Nourishing Mask or the amika Oil Treatment would be great options. Blast the hair for 5-10 minutes with the positive ion setting on either medium or high heat. This will open the cuticle and allow the treatment to penetrate deeper and repair better. Then rinse it out, dry and style hair on the negative ion setting to close the cuticle and lock the nutrients in.
To create extra volume, use the positive ion setting and turn head upside down while drying. Position the airflow toward the roots for maximum lift. When hair is done drying, toss head back and gently brush hair into place.
For everyday styling, use the negative ion setting to close the cuticle, smooth and de-frizz the hair.

the tools in this set comes with lifetime warranty.
(during special promotion, the tools in this set enjoys 1 year warranty)
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