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surfer chic texture spray (192ml)
The Surfer Chic Texture Spray is a texturizing finishing spray for sexy, tousled, undone hair. This invisible, dry formula uses zeolite, a natural mineral, to build unbelievable volume for full-on glamorous hair. Argan oil, combined with an exclusive polymer blend, bonds to the hair, imparting incredible texture without being stiff or weighing it down. The end result is fuller, beachy hair with a matte finish.

lifesaver treatment mask (250ml)
The Lifesaver Treatment Mask deeply conditions and restores hair. The natural molecules in the formula penetrate the surface of the hair to get to the cortex— sealing split ends, improving shine, elasticity and nourishment.

day by day weightless conditioner (300ml)
The Day by Day Weightless Conditioner gently detangles and reconstructs while infusing hair with fatty acids, antioxidants and other essential nutrients. The creamy formula helps repair and return hair to its natural balance leaving it soft, manageable and voluminous.

quickie dry shampoo (232ml)
The Quickie Dry Shampoo cleanses by absorbing excess oil and dirt that weighs hair down. The lightweight formula creates texture, adds volume and deodorizes to refresh hair between shampoos. Unlike other dry shampoos that use aluminum and talc, the Quickie Dry Shampoo uses only natural rice starch to absorb oil. The Argan oil conditions hair leaving it soft and manageable.

touch me soft hold hairspray (325.7 ml)
The Touch Me Soft Hold Hairspray provides a strong, flexible hold with humidity resistance. The ultra-dry mist doesn’t leave a residue, brushes out easily and will never dampen or dull a style. Argan oil eliminates frizz and enhances shine for an ultra-glossy finish.

rich girl leave in cream (200ml)
The Rich Girl Leave in Cream moisturizes hair and eliminates frizz while providing a soft hold resulting in the texture needed for styling.

sheer lust miracle oil treatment (50ml)
The Sheer Lust Miracle Oil Treatment nourishes and strengthens hair while eliminating frizz. The treatment deeply conditions and restores shine while providing protection against environmental and sun damage. The natural molecules in the formula penetrate the hair’s surface to get to the cortex. This process enables the oil treatment to seal split ends while improving shine, elasticity and nourishment. It is also perfect for providing protection before and after blow drying and is used to help reduce blow drying time. The Oil Treatment can also be added to enhance other conditioning or styling products.

day by day clarifying shampoo (300ml)
The Day by Day Clarifying Shampoos cleanses and clarifies while infusing hair with fatty acids, antioxidants and other essential nutrients. This lathery formula helps replenish stressed hair leaving it soft, manageable and voluminous.


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